Meet Alex Rawson

Alex Rawson

Client Advocate

My name is Alex Rawson. I was born and raised here in Houston, Texas. I have been married for 7 years, we have one beautiful little girl, and we are expecting another baby in early January. I love spending time with my family, whether it’s playing games together, going on walks to the playground, or exploring new adventures. I enjoy playing video games and watching movies during my spare time. I am also the youngest of 4 boys. Growing up with 3 older brothers was a challenge as I was picked on and teased a lot like most kids growing up. It was not all that bad because now as adults we are very close, have families of our own and continue to stay in touch no matter what.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer information technology from BYU-Idaho. I love working with and on computers. I like how fun, interesting and fascinating to see how much technology has advanced and continues to advance as time goes on. As I finished school and stepped into the real world, I found that finding what I was passionate about seemed to be more difficult to find in a job. Thankfully, I have worked at many places to better my skills and experience. I worked as a database tutor, in customer services, building coordinator and Treasury Associate, as well as a network administrator and a Sharepoint admin. Each of these positions helped me to grow my knowledge and expand my interests. Now, working for Molen & Associates, I love getting to meet with new friends and faces that come into the building.

I know that learning new things and building myself into something that I know that will help find what I truly am looking for. A quote from one of my favorite TV shows growing up is “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” No matter the challenge, I will always find a way to solve any issues and to make sure to keep smiling at the very end.

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