Meet Hunter Lewis

Hunter Lewis

Tax Advisor

Hunter’s hometown is Springfield, Oregon and believes it was a great place to grow up. He is the youngest of fourteen children all born and raised by his loving parents. “My parents are pretty incredible and my siblings are all a lot of fun.” There are eight boys and six girls in his family. Most of them, including his parents, live in Utah. Hunter is an uncle to almost 70 nieces and nephews. He served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lima, Peru and speaks Spanish fluently as a result. He graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho with a bachelors in Accounting. He has been married to a “beautiful, southern girl” for almost three years and they have had many fun adventures together. He loves to play tennis with his wife, disc golf and pickle-ball. Hunter is also a fantastic ping pong player and loves watching and playing sports.

 “My mother would say I’m very musically gifted. I can sing very well, play the piano, and I used to be in an A Cappella group in high school and in college. My side hustles are helping my wife learn Spanish, but other than that providing for my little family is my life right now and I’m happy with it.”

Hunter has worked in many different areas including a grocery clerk, a pest control technician, a landscaper, a custodian, a manufacturing machine operator, a waiter, an assistant cook, and a number of other professions that have helped him become a  well-rounded individual. He understands where people come from and can relate well with them on many levels.

At Molen & Associates Hunter is a tax advisor. His favorite part about what he does is getting to meet individuals or family members and assist them in preparing their tax return. The highlight for him is having the opportunity to educate them so that they will have better results in the future or to congratulate them on a job well done depending on the outcome of their tax return.

“My parents raised me to be honest and fair to the best of my abilities. Whenever someone asks a favor of me or needs me to do something for them, I get it done as quickly and efficiently as I know how. I’m a people person and I enjoy helping others succeed. This has been an important value for me because I want others to be able to count on me to get my job done and get it done right.”

Hunter believes that Molen and Associate’s team possesses the skills and knowledge to provide the perfect environment that can help our clients succeed in the best way possible.

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