A few months ago, VoyageHouston wrote an article on our owner and CEO, Crystal Molen. We thought we would share the article with you to be able to get to know our fearless visionary and see why we love her so much.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Crystal Molen.

Molen & Associates was born out of a desire to help a friend with some specialized tax needs. For Ward and Crystal Molen, owning their own tax business chose them instead of the other way around. Ward Molen was employed full‐time in the early 1980’s as an accountant for an oil company. Helping a friend, who had entered the law enforcement field, with his tax return seemed inconsequential. In reality, that one tax return in 1980 was the humble beginnings of Molen & Associates. The only “associate” at the time was Ward’s wife, Crystal.

In 1994, the Molens moved their family and business to a new home. Law enforcement officers had become such a part of their family life that their nine-year-old son made sure to explain to the new neighbors that the number of police cars at his house was not because his Daddy was in trouble with the police—he just did their taxes!

By 1997, the “word of mouth” advertising about Molen & Associates necessitated a move to a retail shopping center office space. The client list was growing and more “associates” were added to handle the workload.

The business continued to expand over the next nine years. In 2006, the Molens purchased a three-acre tract of land and in 2007 Crystal supervised the construction of their new building. As CEO, Crystal has overseen the growth and expansion of the business and Molen & Associates now services more than 3,000 clients in their 8,000 square foot business “home”.

Children of clients from the early years of Molen & Associates are now adults and are continuing the family tradition of depending on Molen & Associates trusted service. The Molen’s son, Kevin, (the nine-year-old mentioned above) has joined Molen & Associates as a tax professional ensuring the continuation of the family business begun over three decades ago.

Molen & Associates is passionate about building relationships that last generations.

Has it been a smooth road?
We had been very conservative in building our business by having our office in our home and then finally expanding to a small retail space in a strip center. When the business next to us left, we rented that space and expanded, but then we were flanked on both sides and our needs to accommodate more clients were increasing. Buying land and building our own building in 2007 was a bold move that required a leap of faith for us! Right after moving into our newly constructed office building in February of 2008, the economy tanked! The next few years were very tough and stretched our financial creativity immensely.

Another challenge is the day to day dynamics of a family business. Figuring out our roles as husband and wife AND co-owners of a business has not always been a smooth road. I never envisioned myself in this role, but I am grateful for the lessons learned and the growth I have experienced because of my responsibilities as CEO and Visionary for Molen & Associates.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Molen & Associates is focused on unraveling tax headaches and building a financial vision. Unlike many firms, we believe that because each person’s financial picture is unique, it is important for our clients to have a personal appointment with our tax professionals. Those appointments are more than simply providing receipts and spreadsheets.

Our professionals are trained to educate clients and to help them minimize their tax liability year after year. Each appointment is tailored to our client’s needs. Having struggled through the ups and downs of building our own business, we are able to understand and counsel with other small business owners. We have a firmly established business with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Our stated passion is to “Build Relationships That Last Generations”. These are just some of the reasons that our clients tell us that they feel comfortable and have deep trust in Molen & Associates. Our beginnings were in the Law Enforcement community and today a large portion of our clients are connected to Law Enforcement in some way.

Many work “extra jobs” to make ends meet and are therefore considered by the IRS to be a small business. We have decades of experience in the tax laws associated with this situation. We serve more law enforcement clients than any other firm. Especially during tax season, our lobby is a great gathering place for those in the “brotherhood of blue”. I am extremely proud of our association with so many brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
YES, YES, YES! I am very proud to own a business in Houston! There is so much opportunity and I love the cultural diversity that enriches us all!


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