At Molen & Associates, we strive to be the best we can possibly be in every service we provide. The first clients of Molen & Associates came mainly from the law enforcement field. Word spread from officer to officer of Ward Molen’s tax service. Those clients came to the Molen home and watched cartoons with their children, while waiting for their tax appointment. With these family roots, we try to treat everyone that comes through our doors as family. To us, this means not only preparing your tax returns as if they were our own but treating you with the love and respect you deserve.


When it comes to top-tier service and hospitality, the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company stands above the rest. If you have ever visited the Ritz Carlton, you know that service is everything and it is what defines the chain. As the Molen & Associates operational team, we decided that this year we would integrate many of their world-class customer service practices in order to better serve you. Like the Ritz Carlton, we have identified 12 key service values that each team member will live by to help define your experience with Molen & Associates.  They are:

  1. I build relationships that last generations both with clients and employees.
  2. I am passionate about the client experience and service the client above all else.
  3. I understand the value of reputation and work as a team to treat everyone with respect.
  4. I am always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients to guarantee repeat service.
  5. I understand and take responsibility for my role in maintaining our vision and achieving goals.
  6. I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the Molen & Associates experience.
  7. I immediately own and resolve problems.
  8. I am willing to teach, train, and expound in order to learn and grow.
  9. I am proud of my professional appearance, language, and behavior.
  10. I continually strive for perfection, question to solve and value accuracy.
  11. I protect the privacy and security of our clients, my fellow employees, and the company’s confidential information and assets.
  12. I know I am a key member of the Molen & Associates family.

Hopefully by sharing this list with you, it will help show why we do what we do and why we value our relationship with you. Even though we only see many of you just once a year, we love seeing you and want to serve you. Thank you for your business!



Clark Boyd

General Manager