The education curriculum of a trade school emphasizes on practical training and knowledge for a career than a general education like a traditional college.

A couple of reasons why many people are becoming more interested in trade schools are:

  1. Time: A bachelor’s degree typically takes 4 years or more. While trade school usually take months.
  2. High demand: Most programs that trade schools offer are in high demand in the work force. Trade schools prepare students with the essential skills and hands-on training, so they are ready for the work field when they graduate.
  3. Cost: Trade schools typically cost 1/3 of a traditional 4-year degree.

Trade school enrollment is on the rise, while college enrollment is declining.  The question is…where do you see yourself in 5 years?  If you desire something unconventional working with your hands and not sitting in a boardroom, then trade school may be the best option for you.

According to Business Insider, the cost of a college education increased by 260% from 1980 to 2014. According to the Consumer Price Index, the cost of college climbed 74.5% between 2000 and 2016

If you are a candidate for trade school, you will not only come by your professional certification at a far lesser cost than your college-educated peers, but you’re also far more likely to find immediate and well-paying opportunities to ply your craft. By studying through a trade school, you could be paving the way to start your own business.

Carrolina Kizzee

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