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Dates to Remember:

Education is huge for us at Molen & Associates. Below are a list of upcoming dates for deadlines and events to remember. Join us for any of our upcoming educational or networking events. If you are interested in presenting or hosting your own event, please reach out to us via the contact page.

Common Filing Deadlines


16 – 4th Quarter 2022 Estimated Payments
31 – Employers send W-2’s
31 – Send various 1099 Forms


15 – Reclaim Withholding Exemption (form W-4)

MARCH 2023

15 – Tax Day for 1065 Partnerships, multi-member LLCs, and 1120 S-Corporations

APRIL 2023

3 –  RMD if you turn 72 in 2022
18 – Tax Day 2023 for 1040 Individulas and 1120 C-Corps
18 – IRA and HSA Contributions
18 –  2023 Quarter 1 estimated payments

MAY 2023

15 – Texas Franchise Tax Report

JUNE 2023

15 – 2023 Quarter 2 estimated payments


15 – Extension deadline for 1065 Partnerships, multi-member LLCs, and 1120 S-Corporations
16 –  2023 Quarter 3 estmated payments


16 –  Extension Deadline 2023 for 1040 Individuals and 1120 C-Corps


15 – Extension Deadline 2023 for 990 Non Profits


31 – RMD for individuals age 73 or older


15 – 2023 Q4 estimated payments


ME 15th day of the month following the period end date
FL 18th day of the month following the period end date
All others vary but a generally safe date is the 20th day of the month following the period end date


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Education is extremely important to us. In fact, we guarantee you'll learn something new every time you come to see us. For new business clients, we offer a one hour consultation so you can see for your self.

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“Trustworthy, personable, intelligent service. Have used Molen & Associates for years.”

Jo Ellen Friedman

“Totally geared to work with complicated law enforcers needs! I’ve been going to them for YEARS and I get the same quality service over and over. I’ve personally recommended them to over 100 brother police officers who have switched over. In my opinion, there is no other choice. AND they got jokes!”

Matt Ochoa

“Best Ever! I go here every year. Feel confident everything possible was taken care of in the proper way. Super polite attentive quick informative and on schedule”

Kathyl Dishman

“Great place to get your taxes professionally done. They are very organized, prompt, friendly and you can tell they know what they are doing. If you want to get the most out of your return, especially if you have to itemize or do more than just a simple form this is the place to go.”

Brittany Overstreet



Call or email us to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified tax professionals.


Send us your tax documents such as W2s, 1099s and other information so we can start your return before you even step through our doors.



Sit face-to-face with a tax specialist that will ask you questions to better understand your tax situation and save the most on your return.


After you leave, the tax preparer will come back to your return and take a deeper dive into the deductions and tax credits to which you are entitled.


Once the return is finished, you can come in person to pick it up and sign or you can electronically sign and we will efile with the IRS for you.

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