Small business owners have very limited resources. Because of this, they have to make smart decisions about their time and money. Some of the best ways to save on both will likely surprise you. Below we have highlighted three tips to make your business run more efficiently.


Communication is the key that keeps a business together. Strong communication can increase productivity and resolve any issues in the workplace. Failure to effectively communicate can lead to employee conflict, a hostile work environment, and lost revenue. When you communicate with your employees, you must speak with clarity. You need to say enough to make sure that your message is clear. When speaking to your employees take a few extra minutes to make sure that you’re saying what you mean. This will save time clarifying points later made during the initial conversation.

Save Time with Training

Training can help you ensure that time is spent where it is most beneficial in your business. Identify where your employees have commonly experienced setbacks. Your employees may be encountering roadblocks in their daily tasks, such as getting stuck on an order because they are waiting for information. They may resort to starting new tasks while waiting on a manager to verify or assist with the original task in an attempt to multitask, which will almost always waste more time than it saves. Train your employees on possible mishaps that they can address themselves to reduce how often they need to wait for assistance. Transparency in your processes lets everyone stay informed and helps you save time. You can look to other industries for inspiration on how to streamline processes by pinpointing bottlenecks in your business. Methods such as SMED are commonly used in manufacturing to decrease time spent waiting to begin or set up a process. For your business that may look cross-training, setting up a database to reference, or software that automates a mundane task.

Automate Your Payment Methods

You need to make money to be successful and to stay in business. The faster your customers and vendors pay the better. You need to put a payment process in place so you won’t have to chase money. There are three key ways you can automate your payment process: use a payroll system, customized PayPal buttons, and recurring invoices. Automating your payment process leaves you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

If you want to run your business more efficiently, consider implementing one or all of these strategies. Automating the payment process, improving your training, and communicating effectively, are all valid ways to save you money and time. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover what works best for your company.

Looking for more ways to save money when running your business? One long-term money saver you may not have considered is outsourcing your bookkeeping and hiring a professional tax preparer.

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