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We are your host Kevin Molen and Charles Steinmetz. Our job is to help people education on how to manage your money and save taxes. In this episode, we talk about some tax and financial tips and how you should plan your financials over big life decisions.



Relevant points:


  • Planning your income for the next few years is important so that you don’t burn out your money
  • Affording something does not mean being able to make the payments each month, rather it should include how that new expense fits within your budget to achieve your financial goals.
  • Set up goals for the money you want to make and then work on how to achieve them
  • Plan on how to get your children from the state of constant worrying to the state of self-independence
  • You can push yourself to make small life changes that are not so bad for you and then from there you can push yourself and prove.
  • Set achievable goals and planning appropriately
  • Learn and apply the law based on your unique circumstances
  • QBI (qualified business income) is 20% deduction on your business profits







Time Stamps:


00:01:00 – Introduction

00:04:00 – Changing the system

00:08:00 – Emotional vs Factual decisions

00:10:00 – The question of can I afford it?

00:13:00 – Know your numbers

00:15:00 – Knowing your numbers

00:18:15 – Continuous improvement

00:20:50 – Setting a goal

00:24:00 – getting rid of the asset

00:28:30 – Look at your numbers to make better decisions

00: 31:00 – Comfort zone (Q&A)

00:37:30 – QBI – what it is?

00:41:00 – Outro


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