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Meet Tara Horn

Tara Horn

Client Advocate

Tara brings a warm and engaging presence to our tax and accounting firm, drawing from a rich background rooted in both customer service excellence and a genuine passion for connecting with people. Originally hailing from the Seattle, Washington, Tara’s journey led her to Texas at the tender age of five, where she has since flourished both personally and professionally.

With a career entrenched in the customer service industry, Tara embodies the art of fostering meaningful relationships with each client she encounters. She thrives on the opportunity to engage in genuine conversations, understanding that behind every financial need lies a unique story waiting to be understood.

Beyond the confines of the office, Tara finds true fulfillment in her role as a devoted wife to Joshua and a loving mother to their five beautiful children, ranging from ages 14 to 8 months. Together, they embrace the joys of family life, relishing moments spent at water parks, zoos, and the thrilling adventures of Six Flags. Their shared enthusiasm extends to cherished day trips to Buccees, where every outing becomes an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Tara’s dedication to her family mirrors her commitment to our clients—a steadfast devotion to nurturing relationships and creating positive experiences. Her vibrant spirit and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team, embodying the heart of our firm’s ethos: personalized care, professional expertise, and a genuine passion for community.

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